Welcome to the Canadian Association of Consulting Energy Advisors  “CACEA”.

This website has been developed voluntarily by Energy Advisors (EA)to provide  information and  list active EAs,  to help Home owners, Builders, Developers, Trades, Municipalities and Real Estate professionals, better understand the industry.  CACEA focuses in promoting best practice, rather than policing or enforcing the work of EAs

CACEA’s Mission:

The Canadian Association of Consulting Energy Advisors exists to maintain and promote the credibility and professionalism of Energy Advisors across Canada for both new and existing homes. Our aim is to educate members, to leverage opportunities, and to help Homeowners, Builders, Developers, Trades, Municipalities, Real Estate professionals, and other stakeholders better understand and work with our industry.

Our Focus:

Our focus is to help promote sustainable building practices and to support and facilitate Canadian Home Labeling Programs, including;

  • R-2000®
  • EnerGuide ®
  • ENERGY STAR for New Homes®
  • Net Zero Homes®
  • Built Green Canada®
  • BC Energy Step Code
  • Energy Modeling for Code Compliance

What we want to do:

  • The immediate goals of CACEA are as follows:
  • to list Registered Energy Advisor members on the CACEA website for ease of searching by the public, by municipalities, and by potential clients
  • to provide additional training and education to Energy Advisors above and beyond the requirements established by Natural Resources Canada, with respect to energy modeling, blower fan testing, building science and business practices
  • to host information from municipalities, utilities and government which directly affects Energy Advisors
  • to capture opportunities to support, educate, and further advance the role and professionalism of Energy Advisors

Why we want to do it:

The role of the Energy Advisor has evolved dramatically since the era of ecoEnergy. Much is happening which affects Energy Advisors: code changes, municipal requirements, new version 11 of HOT2000, Step Codes, etc.. Stakeholders such as municipalities, utilities, building officials, builders and developers, homeowners, and many others are now relying on Energy Advisors for guidance, knowledge, and professionalism. There is a need for an organization, CACEA, to promote and support Energy Advisors in this changing landscape, and to facilitate the necessary relationships between Energy Advisors and the other various stakeholders in the building industry.

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Who administers the energy evaluation service?

The energy efficiency evaluation protocols and procedures were developed by NRCan with support from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and other agencies.    NRCan sets the standards for implementation and authorizes various service organizations across Canada to provide the energy efficiency evaluation service according to these standards.  These service organizations train energy advisors, administer the service according to established procedures, provide field supervision and collate data from the house evaluations undertaken by their energy advisors.  They provide this data to NRCan so that the national database on energy consumption patterns and potential energy savings in the housing sector is updated.

What is a Service Organization ?

An EnerGuide Rating System (ERS) Licensed Service Organization is any organization whose role, under a contract or contribution agreement with Natural Resources Canada, is to implement and deliver the ERS service at the local or regional level.

Service organizations manage the business relationship with their personnel providing the service to builders and the public.  An ERS evaluation is performed by an “registered energy advisor” who, in the judgement of the service organization, is trained to meet the requirements for the delivery of the service.

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New Homes

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Existing Homes. 

Natural Resources Canada has no affiliation with this website or endorses any of its content.