Energy Advisors

What is a Energy Advisor ?

Energy Advisor Blower door test EAs are experts in home energy efficiency and Building Science. They’re Registered by Natural Resources Canada to deliver the EnerGuide Rating System for new homes and existing homes (they may be licensed for both programs). They are trained to use NRcan’s (Natural Resources Canada) energy simulation software hot2000 and to perform blower door air leakage testing.  EAs have been providing services in Canada for at least 30 years in programs such as the R-2000 Housing program, EnerGuide for New and Existing Homes and the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Program.

What does an EA do?

Registered Energy Advisors use their expertise in combination with energy modelling software to help home owners and building professionals make better informed decisions when choosing energy upgrades before building a new house or starting extensive renovations on an existing home.

Additionally, EAs perform the necessary inspections, tests, and energy modelling to verify compliance with home labeling  programs such as Built Green Canada, EnerGuide, ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Program, or R2000, and to accurately report results. This work has been recognized in building codes nationwide: the expertise of EAs in energy modelling and in the delivery of services related to labeling programs is recognized as a compliance pathway in the application of supplementary energy codes.

Energy Evaluation Services

The energy efficiency evaluation protocols and procedures were developed by NRCan with support from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and other agencies. NRCan sets the standards for implementation and authorizes various Service Organizations across Canada to provide the energy efficiency evaluation service according to these standards. These Service Organizations train Energy Advisors, administer the service according to established procedures, provide field supervision, and collate data from the house evaluations undertaken by their Energy Advisors. They provide this data to NRCan so that the national database on energy consumption patterns and potential energy savings in the housing sector is updated.

Background of Typical EAs 

  • Former building contractors
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Home Inspectors
  • Building Science experts

Energy Advisor skills

  • Infrared Camera pic Energy Modelling specialists
  • Energy Design
  • Blower door air tightness testing
  • On site insulation, mechanical, window&door verification
  • Thermal imaging
  • Building Code consultants


There are two types of Energy Advisors:

  1. New Home EA – Only active EAs trained and certified in accordance with NRCan’s EnerGuide Rating System V15 rules and regulations that submit files through a Licensed Service Organization can perform new home energy evaluations.
  2. Existing Home EA – Only active EAs trained and certified in accordance with NRCan’s rules and regulations that submit files through a Licensed Service Organization can perform existing home energy evaluations.

All EAs must pass a minimum of two proctored exams, administered by NRCan, and undergo a rigorous training and mentoring before being able to submit house files and preform on site evaluations.

Insurance Coverage

All Energy Advisors are required to retain prescribed minimum levels of Errors and Omissions liability insurance along with Commercial General Liability insurance.



Home labeling programs

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