Membership Eligibility

    • Eligibility for Membership

Members of the CACEA shall be those Persons:

  • Who are registered Energy Advisors, with Natural Resources Canada for the ERS V15 released on April 1 2016, and have passed both the Foundation Level and Energy Advisor Exams.
  • are members in good standing within the industry;
  • who are interested in furthering the interests of the CACEA;
  • who have paid the annual membership fee as determined by the Board;
  • who attain and keep valid their required insurance for the duration of their membership with the CACEA (general commercial liability & errors and omissions insurance)

There shall be two classes of membership in the CACEA.  EA Voting non-voting supporting members. Only EA members can vote. Each Member shall be entitled to receive notice of and attend meetings of the Members, and shall have the right to cast one vote on all matters before the Members, which for members who are not individuals shall be exercised by a designated officer, director, or staff member.

  • Termination of Membership

The interest of a Member of the CACEA is not transferable and ceases to exist upon:

  • the Member ceasing to be eligible under the provisions of this By-law;
  • the Member failing to renew their membership by payment of the annual membership fee;
  • the Member is de-registered from NRCan;
  • the acceptance by the Board of the Member’s resignation;
  • the death or dissolution of the Member;
  • the dissolution of the CACEA; or
  • a Resolution of the Board that termination of a membership is in the best interests of the CACEA, on the grounds that a Member:


  • (i) failed to adhere to any provision of the CACEA, By-laws, code of ethics or policies;
  • (ii) carried out any conduct which may be detrimental to the CACEA, as determined by the Board at its sole discretion; or
  • (iii) for any other reason which the Board in its sole and absolute discretion considers to be reasonable, having regard to the objects and purposes of the CACEA.


A Member shall not be entitled to any compensation or return of any portion of the membership fee upon termination of membership.

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