“The Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) supports CACEA as a means of providing industry leadership for Energy Advisors across Canada. As the need for more highly qualified EAs increases with the growth of programs such as our Net Zero Home Labelling Program, it will become more important for EAs to have the support of a professional industry Association with opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge. This will help them to be better able to meet the needs of high performance home energy evaluations and consulting. We look forward to working with CACEA to increase the capacity of Energy Advisors across Canada.”

Director, Net Zero Energy Housing



“CACEA will provide industry leadership for energy advisors across Canada. Members will be able to learn from one another, share industry knowledge, provide peer to peer technical support and overall raise the professionalism of licensed Energy Advisors across the country. With bylaws in place, membership code of ethics, and a mediation process should an Energy Advisor’s license come under review, the association is a welcome addition to the residential construction industry.”

Vanessa Joehl
Director, Environmental Programs